The Living Naturally Academy Course


Since the dawn of medicine, people have been fascinated about the workings of the human body and how to obtain perfect health and increase longevity. Yet in the last sixty years much of science’s efforts have, through necessity, focused on disease treatments and cure, and as a result many medical professionals’ education has centred around the management or treatment of illnesses. Until recent years less attention has been given to disease prevention. We might be living longer, but we’re sicker than ever before. But now a shift is occurring.

The more science discovers, the more we’re learning that good health is not a product or a tablet, it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle that’s centred around taking a more thorough, holistic and natural approach to food and nutrition, exercise, sleep, rest and emotions.

Most of the Western world has forgotten how to live according to the human body’s needs. The body is seen as a machine that must fit in with our pressurised lifestyle demands and be able to maintain and heal itself regardless of our behaviour. Can’t sleep? Take a pill. Got a headache? Take another pill. Tired? Drink a caffeine-loaded energy drink. Got heartburn? There’s quick relief for that too. We’re too busy to stop and find out what’s causing our symptoms and problems. And that is one of the reasons lifestyle diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease are increasing exponentially. We’re unwilling, or don’t know how, to make the necessary lifestyle changes to prevent illness. Instead, we want instant treatments to reverse or halt the symptoms that trouble us.

To address this, SA Natural Products has introduced the Living Naturally Academy Course.

The Course

The Living Naturally Academy Course offers far more than a simple product training exercise; although training on products offered by SA Natural Products is included, a significant proportion of the training is aimed at providing the participant with a deeper understanding of health and diseases, and ways in which to promote and prevent these respectively through diet, lifestyle and natural remedies.

The course also includes basic, applied anatomy and physiology as well as an understanding of common ailments they may encounter when dealing with customers. With a richer and deeper understanding of how to maintain and restore health naturally, we believe that those who have completed the Living Naturally Academy Course will have the advantage of offering their customers a more holistic and qualitative service and more effectively utilise the wonderful offering of natural products which are available.

LNA Certificate - Mrs. Jane Doe

The course comprises of 9 modules delivered over a total of 24 hours or 3 days. On successful completion, the attendees are required to complete an online assessment and are provided with a Living Naturally Academy completion certificate. The course combines the most up-to-date applied anatomical knowledge and pathophysiological knowledge of the commonly encountered diseases and ailments with proven, holistic methods of achieving and maintaining good health.

2022 Course Dates

AreaDatesVenueContact Person
Windhoek *2022/06/20 - 2022/06/22Hotel Thule, 1 Gorges Street, WindhoekKara Oosthuizen
Cape Town2022/02/08 - 2022/02/10Nitida Wine Farm,

For further information please contact us at: +27 (0)31 783 8000

Topics Covered

  • The body’s individual systems comprising;
    • Immune
    • Digestion
    • Filtration
    • Circulatory Respiratory
    • Muscular skeletal
    • Nervous system
    • Female health
    • Male health
    • Integumentary system
  • The impact of our modern diets and lifestyles on these systems.
  • Ways the body is constantly adjusting and correcting in order to maintain balance and homeostasis.
  • Signs and signals the body gives to indicate imbalances and the beginnings of disease before illness is diagnosed.
  • How to support the body’s healing abilities naturally once illness is present.
The Living Naturally Academy Course

Who Should Attend?

  • Medical professionals
  • Pharmacists
  • Clinic sisters
  • Front shop staff
  • Health professions students
Course Attendees

Course Presenters

Dr David Naude

Dr David Naude

Head of Medical & Research at SA Natural Products.

A well-known KZN-based homeopath with over 20 years of clinical experience.

In addition to running a private practice, Dr Naude also held the position of senior lecturer in the Dept. Homeopathy at Durban University of Technology and served as the Clinic Director for 10 years.

Estie Schreiber

Estie Schreiber

Well-known to thousands of South Africans through her informative yet down-to-earth weekly radio shows over the past 20 years, Estie has spent three decades working in the natural medicines industry. Estie is chairperson of SA Natural Products, responsible for bringing popular best-in-class brands like A.Vogel, Bio-Strath, THRESHhold RealMSM and Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil to South Africa.

I enrolled 14 of my staff, including front shop staff and pharmacists, on the Living Naturally course. Based on their feedback and the vast amount of practical knowledge they gained, I am determined that all 2000 Medicare staff should do this course.
Tiny van Schalkwyk

Medicare Pharmacy Group Director