Content Overview

We have carefully designed this interactive course to cover the most common conditions you face in the pharmacy based on a survey provided by another leading pharmacy group.

For each body system we describe the basic anatomy and physiology and then discuss the most common ailments which occur assisting you to identify them correctly. We then discuss relevant dietary, lifestyle and natural remedies for each ailment providing you simple solutions for your customers which you can apply immediately when returning to your pharmacy.

We firmly believe that this additional knowledge will provide you with essential tools to assist, advise and educate your customers more effectively and as a result make you an asset to your pharmacy.

A brief description of the work we will cover as well as a daily schedule is included below for your information.

The history behind the brands is presented and common customer misconceptions explained such as difference between homeopathic and herbal medicines, why there is alcohol in homeopathic and herbal drops and more.
Living Naturally Guide
What is a healthy diet and what should it consist of? What are ‘whole foods’ and why are they important? What should an ideal breakfast, lunch and dinner contain and what is the healthiest way to prepare and season food, find out what is in the Living Naturally kitchen. Gluten intolerance is so common these days; what are the alternatives and what advice can be given?
Immune System
How does the immune system work and just where in the body do you find it? We unpack the common conditions presented by customers and patients relating to the immune system i.e. how to identify them and what to recommend in terms of diet, lifestyle, and natural remedies.
Digestive System
We discuss the four major processes which take place in digestion, how it all works and what commonly goes wrong with the gut resulting in a visit to the pharmacy. Common digestive problems are described and identified as well as simple dietary solutions and natural remedies which can assist to restore balance and promote a healthy gut.
The Filtration System
Essential for health but often taken for granted; how our bodies constantly filter our blood and eliminate toxins and waste products on a daily basis is described as well as how to identify and address the early warning signs our bodies produce when this system becomes stressed. We discuss how the liver and kidneys can be supported and assisted as key role players of this system.
The Circulatory System
The highways, byways, single lanes and tiny pathways of the circulatory system are described as well as functioning of the primary organ, the heart. With understanding of how this fascinating system works we unpack the common circulatory complaints presented by customers, how to identify them and what recommendations make around diet, lifestyle and natural remedies.
The Muscular Skeletal System
With over 206 bones and over 600 muscles this system is fascinating and essential for life as we know it. Unfortunately, with ageing, wear and tear and inflammation, pain is the most common presenting feature when things go wrong in this system. What are some natural solutions to managing pain, how do we get by with less pain killers and what can we do to support this system?
The Nervous System
Every bodily function is co-ordinated by the nervous system with its 10 billion nerve cells and the nerve centre itself, the brain. We make sense of how this works and what commonly can go wrong including unpacking common conditions of the nervous system such as anxiety, depression, dementia, insomnia, ADHD, and the dreaded by extremely common phenomenon known as ‘burn out’. We describe a holistic approach to these conditions including, diet, lifestyle interventions and natural remedies one can suggest to customers & patients who present with these.
Women’s Health
A fascinating interaction between hormones, anatomy and physiology; the female reproductive system is discussed in an applied manner providing a simple understanding of female hormones, the menstrual cycle and fertility as well as how these changes through life culminating in menopause as well as hot topics such as hormone replacement therapy. We unpack the common ailments presented by customers such as PMS, problems with the menstrual period and menopause syndrome as well as natural remedies and dietary advice one can recommend to customers and patients.
Men’s Health
We provide a simple understanding of male hormones and reproductive system, ever heard of andropause (‘male menopause’) before? Typical conditions affecting men are unpacked including prostate problems as well as the effects of low testosterone in older men, how to identify these and well as prevent and treat the typical symptoms through diet and natural remedies.
The Integumentary System
Did you know the skin is the largest organ in the body and has a surface area of two square metres? What role does the skin hair and nails actually play and how do we support this essential system? We help you to identify simple skin conditions which customers and patients present with in the pharmacy including all the common rashes, lumps and bumps, as well as all the clues our nails provide about our general health. Simple, natural solutions for common conditions of the hair, skin and nails are described including what to take, what to apply and what effect can a change of diet and lifestyle make.